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My view on fidget toys vs ones I've hear from schools.

I knew nothing about fidget toys three months ago before enter the ecommerce world of fidget toys. My wife and I watched my son who has autism and FASD ( fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) fidget with shirt collars, cords,pencils, and anything close to him. He also has a thing with chewing on stuff like his shirts, pencil eraser,and cords (scary enough) so we knew we had to buy him something.

After searching the web my wife found a few over priced things that took a bit to find. We then came up with the idea to start our own online store with all our favorite fidgets and sensory toys all in one place so there was no need to search all over the internet. That's when Happy Hands Toys was introduced as a one stop shop for kids or adults with special needs.

As I said I had no idea what fidgets were let alone a fidget spinner. Now after three months of being open and reading about everything fidgets related I noticed I was seeing school's upset by the distractions of spinners. T…