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Drew's Reviews - Chewable Necklace

My Autistics Son's Review Of A Product He Uses
The first in new series featuring Andrew (who wants to be a famous "youtuber") reviewing the fidgets he's been using. I told him to not hold back so that our customers can know what to expect with each item and we chose his chewable necklace to start since that is his most used fidget. For a kid who forgets everything, I'm thrilled that his necklace has become so permanent for him. He fidgets with it constantly and it's really helped him to concentrate and focus. 

Beetle Spinner Demo

Egyptian Beetle Demonstration
     Metal Egyptian beetle style fidget spinner has great detail in the shell all along the body with two tone color. Two large ball bearings, one on each end, add to the weight to create a longer spin. Be the envy of your friends when you break this spinner out. Fidget spinners / hand spinners are small portable toys with a frame that spins on ball bearings in the middle. They are held between the thumb and finger and spun. Nearly noiseless, they offer fidgeting with repetitive motion and vibration for one or both hands. Helps focus for anxiety, autism, add, adhd, sensory and special needs.

    Into drones? Check out this site selling drones and drone accessories. I just bought a smaller one from there and it was perfect so I thought I'ld give them a plug!